Work Orientations

In 2015, 5000 citizens were randomly selected from the electoral roll. Each of them were posted an explanatory letter, followed by a questionnaire booklet and reply paid envelope. Up to three reminder mailings were sent for participants who did not return a booklet. 1211 of them returned a completed questionnaire.

What questions were asked?

Questions included:​

  • ​Would you enjoy having a paid job even if you didn’t need the money?
  • ​How important is job security? High income? Opportunities for advancement? An interesting job? Independence? Helping other people? Useful to society? Being able to decide days/times of work?
  • ​Have you given up job opportunities for the benefit of your family life?
  • ​Have you been discriminated against, harassed or bullied at work?
  • ​Do workers need strong trade unions?
  • ​How often do you work at home or work on weekends?
  • ​What control do you have over your working hours?
  • ​How difficult would it be to take time off during normal working hours?
  • If unemployed, what would you be willing to do to get a job?​​

Selected findings

​Over 70% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they would enjoy having a job even if they didn’t need the money. 25% of respondents agree or strongly agree that a job is just a way of earning money.